The pups

Once upon a time, on New Year’s day, 2013, Stephanie and Mike adopted a rescue puppy. They named him Denver. They loved him.

A family.

A family.

cropped-dsc_2436.jpg IMG_2598 IMG_2628One day that puppy Denver grew into a big, crazy boy.

IMG_3658 DSC_3608And they loved him even more.

Despite all of the great fun the 3 of them had together, Denver decided he was lonesome. He grew jealous of the romantic love between Mike and Stephanie. He knew he had to find his other half. And one day he did. He saw her through his own front door. And he knocked that door down to get to her. (You can read the full story here).


Meet Colette. She is Denver’s lady friend and Mike and Steph’s second fur baby.

IMG_3996 IMG_4004 IMG_3935 IMG_3944 IMG_3995

She became a part of the family on August 13, 2013, only 7 months after Denver made his debut. But she fits right in.

IMG_3928 IMG_3948 IMG_4003 IMG_4006 IMG_3933 IMG_3946

And they wouldn’t have it any other way.


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