The boy


This is Mike. Isn’t he cute? I think so. We met in college. I was 19, he was 20. He was the sweetest, most humble guy (still is). When I’d approach him, his eyes would bug out, he’d stare at the floor and stutter out an incomprehensible “WHAT?” to everything I’d say. I thought for sure he either hated me or had some serious social development delays. Turns out he was just shy.

   IMG_2420     IMG_1732

6 years later and we’ve landed adult jobs, moved across the country and back, bought a house, adopted 2 doggies, & have gotten engaged.


I can’t imagine my life without this strong, caring, thoughtful, hilarious, smart hunk of man.

IMG_1747  IMG_1835

Such a keeper, this one.



8 thoughts on “The boy

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  7. Rush belt chic was a great piece of writing that you did, i can relate to it in numerous ways. Hi by the way my name is Nick and Mike and I were best friends through grade school and I high school. It brings me joy to see you and Mike “traz” together you guys look truly happy. Take care of my man he really is a great guy, I hope I can get to meet you next time I come up to cleveland for a visit, unless you two want to come down and check out louisiana for a vacation we have a extra room. Well good day.

    • Hi Nick! Thank you so much for your kind words. “Traz” (I love that nickname and can’t wait until it’s my last name!) and I absolutely love being back in Cleveland… it’s so much fun rediscovering our home town as adults. I’ve heard Mike talk very fondly about his childhood and the part you played in it….you’re one of the people who helped shape him into the wonderful guy that he is today. And we are truly as happy as we look 🙂 I will always take care of him– don’t you worry! I feel beyond blessed to have him in my life. You’re always welcome here, too! Thanks again, Nick! Looking forward to crossing paths.

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