Our Engagement Photos by Tremont’s Own, Aster & Olive!!!

Hey guys!

I know I promised details of the proposal, but then, we had engagement photos taken, and then our incredible photographer, Angela Bartunek of Aster & Olive, delivered a blog post within 3 DAYS OF OUR SHOOT!!! And I HAD TO SHARE THEM RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!

We opted to start our shoot at our home– Mike bought our little bungalow a little over a year ago and we wanted to memorialize this time in our life together and to remember the humble beginnings of our family and our home. After hanging out at our place, we walked around our neighborhood of Tremont, around City View, and Lincoln Park. It was a chilly, but gorgeous, sunny day & we had a blast!

Here’s a sample– to see the whole post, visit Aster & Olive’s site (click on any photograph below to get to her website) and click on the picture of the adorable dog (that’s Denver!) that says Stephanie & Mike.

 I cannot say enough about Angela– she was incredibly sweet, laid-back, and personable. If you’re looking for some AMAZING photos, get in touch with her– she lives in Tremont! Like I said, she got an entire blog post together in a matter of 3 days and the rest of our images should be ready in 2 weeks. Not only all that, but for quality of her work, she is very affordable!
Happy Thursday!






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