It’s A Great, Big World

Hello all. It’s been a while. I’ve been missing my little space here. The truth is, I haven’t even really been too busy to post. I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I got into this niche of posting photos, and not stories or thoughts, and I suppose I sort of forgot how to create a post that doesn’t revolve around photographs of my life. Don’t get me wrong– I have masses of photos from the last couple of months– happy hours, trips to the dog park, moments with family. But I feel like all I ever post about are my dogs, and if that’s redundant to me, it must be redundant to any readers! Also, sometimes I simply don’t feel like recounting an evening I’ve just had… I just want to enjoy the memory of it and continue living in the present moments of my life…you know, rather than dissecting past events and such.

So, here I am today, and rather than recounting some great memories from the last couple of weeks, I wanted dream about future experiences. Lately, I’ve been lusting to travel and to wander. I’ve never been out of the United States (well, okay, I’ve been to Toronto, but it’s not so exotic, nor is it overseas) and I have always had vivid thoughts and dreams of what life is like in other parts of the world. I don’t necessarily want to go to new places and do touristy things… I want to go places and see the remote areas of them… the true beauty, known by locals and legacies. Most recently, I’ve been imaging myself strolling the greenery of the Ireland coast. Perhaps it’s because Mike and I have been watching far too much Downton Abbey (though it’s set in Yorkshire, it’s still part of the UK) and since I’ve never been across the pond, I imagine much of the UK to be green, gray, foggy, and romantic.

Ireland road


Irish Cottage

It just seems like such a cozy, romantic, ethereal place. I definitely want to see it some day.


In the mean time, Mike and I are planning a trip to the mountains of Asheville, only an 8 hour drive from Cleveland! We’ll go for 4 days over my spring break.




There are so many different places we both want to see, and rather than dream about places far and away all the time (though that’s certainly fun as well), we’re trying to make an effort to see as much as we can in the here and now.

It’s such a great, big world out there.

What do you want to see?


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