Happy 1st Birthday, Denver!

Our pup, Denver is 1 year old today!

According to Dogyears.com, that means Denver is roughly ruff-ly 15 in human years. A wild, hormonal adolescent. Yup, that seems about right.

IMG_4195 IMG_4198

Denver, if it weren’t for you, my life would be clean, calm, peaceful, orderly, and serene.

But it wouldn’t be nearly as full, shocking, loving, stinky, or hilarious.

No matter what I call you or tell you after you have eaten yet another pair of my underwear, or nosed through the trashcan, or snuck the last slice of pizza from the counter, or used the couch a personal trampoline, or humped and nibbled Colette until she is green in the face, I love you. And I think that you are an awesome dog.

No one is as excited to see me when I walk into a room as you are. No one has tested my patience more than you have. No one knows how to work me like you do. And no one makes me laugh as hard as you do. You were our first pup and you will always hold a special place because of that. So keep acting wild and crazy… because as you already know, there is nothing you could ever do that would change how much we love you.

Happy 1st birthday, buddy. We’re looking forward to many more treasured, exhausting years with you.

IMG_2561 IMG_0049 IMG_2559 IMG_0054 IMG_2728 IMG_2571 IMG_0076 IMG_2596 IMG_2726 IMG_2718 IMG_2598 IMG_2602 IMG_2615 IMG_2772 IMG_0278 IMG_2651 IMG_2698 IMG_0156 IMG_2900 IMG_2895 IMG_2912 IMG_2928 IMG_2911 IMG_3379 IMG_2935 IMG_2953 IMG_2978 IMG_0162 DSC_2266 IMG_3102 IMG_0330 IMG_0149 DSC_2278 DSC_3595 IMG_3668 IMG_3455 IMG_3315 IMG_3338 IMG_3428 IMG_3915 IMG_4174 IMG_4019 DSC_3015

And now, we have a fun day planned for you. So let’s go celebrate you. It’s going to be a dog-gone good day.

Until next time.



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