Acts of Love

What is it that gets you through the week? What makes you smile? What is it that brightens a rough day? What is it that makes you look forward to tomorrow? What is it the makes life beautiful?

There can be many different answers to these questions, depending on the person or depending on the day. Sometimes it’s a favorite television show. Maybe it’s the promise of a weekend away. Perhaps it’s a blank canvas and a fresh set of paints. Falling into bed at night. Happy hour with friends. Your dog. Your cat. Dinner with your boyfriend. The next chapter in that novel you’re reading. Coffee. Cookies.

There are different things that carry me through life when I need it, and one of those things is love. Little acts of love.

The other week, I experienced 3 that were especially wonderful.


I’m a Co-Guide/Assistant at a Montessori school. My supervising Guide (“Guide” is what we call “teachers” at Montessori schools)  left school for a few days to travel to Kona, where she watched her daughter participate in the IRONMAN World Championship (this is an amazing accomplishment!). This left me in charge of the class for a week! Though I was excited, I was nervous about it too. After my first day leading the class, I came home to a large box from a flower delivery company.

IMG_4103And there was a note attached.

IMG_4102(Yes, it says “quiet”, not “quite”). My heart went aflutter and I quickly spruced myself up for an impromptu date. It was such an unexpected, sweet gesture and made me fall in love with Mike all over again.


Later in the week, we went to my dad and stepmom’s for dinner. I was greeted by my six and a half year old little half-sister, who had a fist full of tiny, vibrant wildflowers.


She picked them herself and then wrapped them up in cellophane and tied them off with some yarn, just like a little florist. Then she adorned our chairs with pillows, building pseudo thrones for Mike and I to sit at during dinner. She also created little word searches for us to do before dinner, so we’d be entertained. I don’t know if she knew how sweet she was being, but it completely made my night.


Recently, I went to Indianapolis to visit family. Upon arriving, my stepsister, Molly presented me with a housewarming gift. A 17-year-old giving a housewarming gift. How incredible is that?? The gift was more heartfelt than I could have imagined.


Molly’s painting and Sam’s bouquet.

She did a watercolor painting of Denver as a puppy! And it was her first time using watercolor! And it seriously looks just like him.

This is the photo she worked from.

This is the photo she worked from.


Like I said, there are so many things we can look to, to get us through the day… but these 3 acts of love take the cake for me.

Until next time.



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