Mile High Memories

Hello there. It’s been quiet around here lately and that is because Mike and I were on a little vacation in one of our favorite places! Denver, Colorado!


As many of you may know, Mike and I moved from our hometown of Cleveland and off to Denver after I graduated from college in the summer of 2010. We had no real reason to move out west– we just wanted to cut loose and experience life somewhere new while we were young and free. About a year ago, we made the decision to move back to Cleveland to be closer to family and to exercise more of our hometown pride as residents of our long-lost city.

We’ve been thrilled to be back in Cleveland and are constantly humbled by and grateful for the people and experiences we have here, but Denver will always hold a special place in our hearts. We moved there, not knowing a single person. Neither of us knew anything about the city aside from what we’d discovered on the internet. I didn’t have a job. We’d never lived on our own, away from home. We’d never lived together. We had absolutely no furniture– not even a lamp or a coffee maker! All we had was each other. (Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer always brings me back to that time– I listened to it the whole summer before we moved out there and it always made me smile.)

When I look back on our relationship thus far, it was that move, and that time out in Denver, that made us. We had a will to make it and we loved each other and supported each other in everything. We learned how to ride the bus and to hail a cab. We learned how to grocery shop for the week and how to prepare meals. We learned how to recognize a craigslist scam. We learned how to set up internet and electricity. We learned our way around a new city, and eventually, a new state.

At times it was hard because all of our friends from college still lived in (or around) Ohio. We’d see pictures of everyone all together and we’d grieve not being there with them. We’d sometimes long for a cohesive group of friends like the ones we’d left behind. We had wonderful friends in Denver, but none of them really knew each other and that left us feeling mistakingly disconnected at times. But since we’ve left Denver, and now after this trip back a year later, we’ve realized that we made a few really powerful connections and friendships out there. And even more than that– if we hadn’t gone out West in the way that we did– just us two, with no friends and no connections….. then Denver wouldn’t be to us what it is. The experience wouldn’t belong to us in the way that it does. It is ours. It defines a part of our life in which our worlds revolved around one another– we depended on each other for everything. We created our own little universe, our own little life, our own support system and family within the other. Surely this isn’t the most healthy way to live for your entire life, but for this time– having just graduated college, being away from family and friends– this was our way. Though we’d feel lonesome sometimes, I knew to treasure that time in our life. I knew that someday we’d move back home and when that day came, things would never go back to the way they were in Denver. Our way, with our life that we created out of nothing. It was a small life, with the two of us at it’s core, but it was the biggest experience either of us has ever had. It has shaped us and made us and because of that, we will always love Denver and those friends that we made there.


Well, it comes as no surprise then, that Mike and I had been itching to travel back to this place and time that we cherished so much! We just back from a 5 day stay with old friends and we had a beautiful time. Here are some highlights:

IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3869 IMG_3912 IMG_3878 IMG_3879 IMG_3883 IMG_3884 IMG_3887 IMG_3896 IMG_3892 IMG_3902 IMG_3901 IMG_3898 IMG_3900 IMG_3899

Sunrise departure at DIA.

Sunrise departure at DIA.

We will always delight in our mile high memories– both new and old.

And nothing makes us more grateful or misty than John Denver singing this old tune: Rocky Mountain High.

Until next time, Denver.



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