As I mentioned in my last post, over the weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday. I am now a whole quarter of a century old… so dignified and refined, now. (Not really).

It was such a great weekend. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love surprises… in fact, I often expect surprises (I know, super bratty), and so I rarely end up surprised. In our 5+ years together, Mike has never really surprised me, and so this year for my birthday, I decided to throw my own birthday party. I figured, new birthday, new attitude– in order to get what you want, sometimes you just need to take initiative and do it yourself. That way, you don’t end up waiting and hoping for someone else to do it, and you know you’ll be satisfied. So, this year I knew I’d want to be surrounded by friends on my special day and so I set out to make it happen. Little did I know, Mike had already sent out his own little birthday party invites! I’m still surprised he was so calm when I told him I wanted a party and sent out my own invitations… he didn’t give anything away.

So anyway, finally Saturday (my birthday) came, and Mike took me out to dinner at Lolita. We had a 5:45 reservation and I was expecting my friends to arrive at our house around 9:30 or so. Well, after our dinner date, I walked back into our dark house, ready to do some finishing touches before everyone’s arrival. As I walked towards our pantry, I saw a balloon out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and heard loud screams of “SURPRISE!” and blasts of horns and saw confetti swirling around our dining room. I had just finished flossing my teeth in the car (a romantic drive home from dinner, but thank goodness I did!) so I threw my floss to the ground, held my face in both hands and shouted something like “Holy sh*t!”.


It was the perfect surprise party because I was prepared to have people in my house, but I was still absolutely shocked that everyone was waiting there for us when we got back from dinner. And Mike even invited some of our friends from college who trekked in from out of town for the big event. It was great.

Me and some of my college buddies!

Me and some of my college buddies!

A little flip cup before heading to the bars... we all felt so old because we couldn't remember how to play... we reclaimed our coolness though, don't worry. Take that, 25!

A little flip cup before heading to the bars… we all felt so old because we couldn’t remember how to play… we reclaimed our coolness though, don’t worry. Take that, 25!

Replenishing drinks with fresh ice cubes.

Replenishing drinks with fresh ice cubes.

IMG_3835 IMG_3851 IMG_3857


25 is going to be a good year– I can feel it. And this Thursday will kick it off when Mike and I set off to enjoy one of his awesome gifts together– sunset kayaking in the Cuyahoga!

I can’t wait for more adventures this year with all of my amazing friends and family. Feeling extra thankful for my life right now.

Until next time.


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