What Do You Want Wednesday? Everlasting Love

Happy Hump Day!

Over the holiday weekend, Mike’s parents celebrated 27 years of marriage and 37 years of together-ness! Isn’t that amazing???


The happy couple, Robin & Mike, celebrating at Pier W

The thing that is so great about these two is that even after all these years, they still have so much fun together.  From outings with their bowling team, to evening walks with the dogs, to   cocktails in their backyard, to fishing in their pond, Robin and Mike (Mike’s dad’s name is Mike also) still know how to keep things interesting.  Not only that, but love and warmth just flow around them and those they care about. When you walk into their house, you just feel it. These are the two most selfless people I have ever met.

DSC_3739 DSC_3744 DSC_3750

There are always, always, lots of laughs and lots of smiles. In fact, there’s not much of anything else in the Trzaska house. I consider Mike’s parents to be a great inspiration and model for love and family– I mean, after 27 years of marriage, they sort of know what they’re doing.

Robin and Mike were kind enough to invite Mike, me, Mike’s younger brother, Zach, and Zach’s girlfriend, Maddie out to a lovely dinner at Pier W to celebrate with them. I thought it said so much about their values and who they are as a couple that they invited us all to celebrate with them.


Me and Mike


Maddie and Zach



So since it’s Wednesday, I have to tell you- I want an everlasting love like this. A love that is steady and strong. A love between 2 people, that someday extends into a love for a family that those 2 people create. I want children. Not 1– at least 2, and maybe 3. Because I want that feeling of closeness and sharing and crowding and mess that I think only comes with siblings. I want my children to see the love that my husband and I have for one another and I want them to show the same kind of love to their partners. I want this love to change over the years– from the free, careless love of our college days, to the purposeful, committed love of marriage, to the love that 2 parents share for their children who they created, to the love between middle-aged empty-nesters, to the love of being grandparents, to the love of early suppers at the same restaurant and matinée movies because you’re retired. This is my idea of true, ever-lasting love. A steady flame that always glows. If your love can last this long, then surely the flame will dim at times, but it will also ignite brightly at other times. It will change with the times, but if you care enough, you will keep it going, always.


Pier W is a fantastic and famous restaurant in the Cleveland area–if you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. There are stunning views of Lake Erie both inside and outside of the restaurant. And the food, drinks, and service are top-notch.

Since Pier W is such a classy little joint, it calls for a little dress-up. And dressing up calls for a little photo shoot every now and then. So my Mike being the gentleman he is, snapped a few shots before we met the family at dinner.

DSC_3722 DSC_3709 DSC_3708 DSC_3696

I just got the dress on clearance at Anthropologie (cause really, can you get anything at Anthro unless it’s on sale??). The shoes I got from J Crew 7 years ago (sheesh, that makes me feel old), also on clearance. Some may say I’m cheap, but I prefer the term bargain-hunter (my bargain-hunting ways may be influenced by an old board game I played as a child… it was called, you guessed it– Bargain Hunter).

Anyway, the anniversary celebration was just wonderful– it was romantic and an inspiration.

Happy Anniversary, Mike & Robin!


Until next time. What do you want?



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