How Much Do You Love Cleveland?


A few of you may know about my new-found love for Cleveland. Well, it’s no secret that I’m not the only Clevelander that’s doting on my city. There is a lot happening in our humble hometown. From burgeoning projects downtown to dwellers embracing the gritty reality of our surroundings, Cleveland is experiencing a rebirth.


Anne Trubek & Richey Piiparinen, co-editors of the well-received Rust Belt Chic, have collaborated with writer, Laura Putre, and other like-minded Clevelanders to create an online magazine– Belt. Considering the enthusiastic response from The Anthology, I think Belt will be a welcome addition to rust belt residents and those alike.


Feeling excited? Interested? Well, here’s the cool part. You still have time to be a part of this project! Belt is welcoming monetary donations in order to cover the cost of their first 2 issues of the online magazine. If you’re interested in supporting the cause and your beloved city of Cleveland, considering donating a few bucks– every little bit helps!


Click here to read about the initiative and to donate!

Have a happy Tuesday, friends!


Until next time.



4 thoughts on “How Much Do You Love Cleveland?

  1. Donated to this via Kickstarter in May, all because of your connection! Maybe you can do a little writing for Belt yourself between renovation projects and teaching!! Although I am at heart still a Philadelphian, I love my second hometown Cleveland too! R

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