Happy Weekend!

Woohoo! Friday has arrived! Not that I realllly care since I am not in school, nor am I working at the moment. But the weekend means sleeping in with Mike and going to brunch. There’s a huge neighborhood garage sale in Mike’s parents area this weekend, so we’re hitting that up tomorrow morning. Then we have a lunch party at his boss’s house– I’m excited and a little bit nervous to meet his coworkers!

I’ve also been dying to see The Great Gatsby. Anyone seen it? The little 10 year-old girl inside me always melts when Leo puts out a new movie… my heart will go on and on for that man.

Another one I want to see is The Kings of Summer. It was shot in Chagrin Falls, a quaint town in the suburbs of Cleveland. It’s where I spent some of my growing up and where my dad, stepmom & half-sister live now. Lots of movies being filmed in Cleveland lately! Currently, Captain America is being filmed in downtown Cleveland! Though traffic is a nightmare because major commuter highways are closed down, it’s a good thing for Cle!

One of the many things I love about Mike? We usually enjoy the same movies and television shows. I love that we both laugh at the same things, roll our eyes at the same things, make fun of the same characters, and get excited about the same things. It makes it all the more fun to share in those tube-watching times together.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?










DSC_2971 DSC_2969



Until next time, happy weekend!


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