This is not a feline-centered post, no. It’s just what came to mind when I had to type a title.

Wow-wee. For the first time in a long time, I feel relaxed! Sure, there’s day-to-day business to take care of, but it’s been so nice not having school anymore!!!! I’ve spent most of the week unpacking our clothes and doing laundry… things we REALLY neglected for…well…since we’ve lived here. And to say we both have a lot of clothes is an understatement. Mike is a gear-man so he has all sorts of random outdoorsy clothing and equipment and I never throw anything away and I love to thrift around and bargain hunt, sooooo yeah, it’s taking a while! We’re having a house-warming party this Saturday too, so it’s sort of important that we get things looking nice so our friends don’t realize we’re hoarding hillbillies.

I owe you guys some home improvement pictures too! But I’ll do that post after the housewarming party so everything’s looking lovely and staged ;o). There will be some updates to the dining room and the new kitchen floors! Eeeek!

Until then, here are some recent photos I haven’t had a chance to post!

Below is my favorite photo of Denver. Ever. And before you go calling PETA or something, let me preface! I was doing some studying and Denver was busy poking around the house getting into trouble, as per usual. Eventually I heard a clinking, clanking sound. What to my wandering eyes should appear but my dog. With an empty beer bottle he trash-picked from our kitchen. He was earnestly trying to lick at any last little drop of beer that might be clinging to the bottle. Hilarious. I knew he liked alcohol– if I leave a glass of wine unattended he’s been caught trying to slurp it up with that doggy tongue of his. Silly Denver.

Denver's "woe is me" look

Denver’s “woe is me” look


Mike really wanted this photograph... I guess Denver didn't feel the same way.

Mike really wanted this photograph… I guess Denver didn’t feel the same way.

While Mike did our kitchen floors and I studied for my final exams, Denver stayed with Mike’s parents. He didn’t want to leave.


Chester, Cody, and Denver


Please don't make me leave Uncle Chester & Cody!

Please don’t make me leave Uncle Chester & Cody!

Once we were back at home, he tried playing hard to get for a while.


But eventually, he came around.




Until next time!



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