What Do You Want Wednesday? The Sleepy, Crabby Edition

Howdy folks.

It’s Wednesday.

Usually this is a happy, humperific day for me.

Not today.

No, sir. Today, all that Wednesday means is that I have one 3-hour written Theory exam behind me and 6 more subjects and 2 days of written exams ahead of me. By Friday at noon I will have completed all of my written exams for my Montessori Training– Theory, Geometry, Mathematics, Language, History, Geography, and Biology.

To study for these exams I get to review the 7 albums I have been writing, illustrating, and constructing for these past 8 months. The album lengths vary, but they are about 500-1000 pages each. How do you even review that much material?

I guess I’m about to find out.

This is how I’m feeling now, after only 1 exam:


I’m a little scared to find out how I’ll feel by Friday.

Want to know the really sick part? After that, I’ll still have the DREADED oral exams ahead of me… and in the 2 weeks preceding those exams, I’ll get to practice every lesson in those ginormous albums. HELP! Is it too late to turn back?

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster– one of those really steep, creaky ones where at the beginning of the ride, as you are sloooowwwwwllllyyyy inching your way up to the tippy-top of of the first hill, you are thinking to yourself, “I chose this? I actually made a conscious decision to do this to myself? Holy cow, this is SCARY. I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, imgonnadieimgonnadieimgonnadie. I HATE THIS. Can we stop this? Can you just let me off please? I don’t want to do this. Don’t want to do this. DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!!!! Why am I doing this to myself?? Help!”


So, yeah… I’m not feeling too chipper about Wednesday this week.

Can you all guess what I want? I mean besides putting a kitchen floor in, getting a dishwasher and garbage disposal, wine, growing grass in the yard, painting the dining room every room in the house, front door every door in the house, wine, renovating the bathroom, painting the exterior of the house, siding the garage, wine, adding a 2nd bathroom, creating a master suite, painting the kitchen cabinets, installing new countertops, wine, putting in a back patio, and planting a garden.

Besides all of that, I want it to be May 24 and I want to have passed all of my exams. And I want a friggin vacation. And then I want a job.

I told you this was the sleepy and crabby edition, ya’ll.

That’s it, that’s all I want. Is that too much to ask? Don’t answer that.

Until next time, what do YOU want?



4 thoughts on “What Do You Want Wednesday? The Sleepy, Crabby Edition

  1. Ugh – I want my grass to grow, too! We just gutted the backyard and planted grass seed. I feel like this is why sod was invented, but alas, we planted seed. So what I currently want, is for that stuff to hurry up and look good.

    • Is your grass growing yet, Rachael? Ours is patchy, but it’s definitely there! Although sod is the easier choice, it’s so much more rewarding planting and watering the seeds and watching them grow :o). Hope your home renos are going well!

  2. I want you to feel better! And to remember that even though you always hated roller-coasters when you were a kid, you got good at riding them. Think more like the Little Choo-Choo that Could right now though 🙂 For inspiration: I just finally finished (this version of) my book manuscript and sent it out to six presses this morning!!! My goal was to have it done by your second “What Do You Want Wednesday.”

    What I want is to get off this computer and enjoy the beautiful weather for a few minutes–I think I will.

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