It Really Has Been 5 Years

Mike & I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on April 19.

I usually plan presents and cards and secret love notes and copious love texts and fun adventures to commemorate special events like these. Lately though, I’ve been so busy and distracted between the house and school that for the first time I didn’t plan a gosh darn thing except for writing this blog post as a sort of card to Mike… and I completed that only minutes before he got home from work on the day of our anniversary.

So it came as a lovely surprise when Mike and planned out our entire evening! First, he whisked me off to The Velvet Tango Room.


Seriously guys, this is THEE best hidden gem in Cleveland. Or maybe the United States. It’s a little dimly-lit, romantic place, that is reminiscent of an old speak easy. It’s situated in an area between Tremont and Ohio City that’s a bit rough around the edges, so not only do you feel like you’re walking into a different era when you arrive, but into a whole new world. A world where women are ladies and men are gentle. Every cocktail on their extensive list is made by the books, the old-fashioned way, with ingredients measured to the exact ounce. If they can’t find the original ingredients that are called for in a particular recipe, they make it from scratch. The bartenders are artists, crafting each delicious concoction individually and shaking them exactly 90 seconds each (or something like that!). It’s a pricey joint, but it’s well worth the experience.


Anyway, we had a couple of drinks there and then Mike surprised me with our first trip to Crop, an innovative gourmet restaurant in Ohio City.



It was delicious. Everything. Including the interior of the building. Just gorgeous.

Crop_Interiors-0895Although the food was outstanding, I have to say that my favorite part was when we first walked in. As our hostess was seating us, I saw a table with a huge bouquet of flowers on it and quickly squashed the excitement that had just burst in my chest. Though sweet, caring, and thoughtful, Mike has not always been known for romantic gestures or surprises. But perhaps that’s changing, because to my delight, we were seated at the table with the bouquet!


I relished in the embarrassment of the large floral display, but eventually had to put it on the ground because it obstructed the view of my handsome man.

But I kept this card right on the table where I could see it.


Darlin Companion.

Another one of our favorite Johnny and June numbers.

He just melts my heart (Mike, that is).

After Crop, we went back home and snuggled with our pup.

It was the happiest of anniversaries.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “It Really Has Been 5 Years

  1. Awwwh! You’re so cute, if I must say so myself. And that IS a BIG and beautiful bouquet of flowers, you were not kidding me! Congratulations to you and Mike again. Couldn’t pick a better guy for you if I went out and searched the world myself. X0X

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