Happy Hump Day! What Do You Want Wednesday Returns.

Happy Hump Day to one and all! I have neglected Wednesday wants for the past 2 weeks, I think! This does not mean I haven’t wanted anything– no sir! I have wanted some free time lately. Time to kick my feet up and relax. Time to walk my dog. To go for a run (something I haven’t done since Thanksgiving…shhh). To work on albums for school that are due next week. To do more planning for practice teaching. To go on a date with Mike. To paint my nails. To unpack the rest of my clothes. To see a movie. To write. To take pictures. To be on time. I suppose when you buy a fixer and work or go to school full-time, free time goes out the window.

As I mentioned in my last post, so much more goes into painting than simply waving a brush around. And when you add into the equation paneled walls and a ceiling full of a grid of squares, it takes 293824908x longer because you have to paint between each groove. Tedious, monotonous work.

Let me fill you in on what my life has looked like since last Thursday:

Thursday 4/11: Return home from practice teaching. Move all furniture out of living room, turning dining room into a hoarder’s dream. Go to Home Depot. Spend lots of money. 6:30- 11:30 pm, scrub 350 sq ft living room literally from ceiling to floor 2x.

Friday 4/12: (This was a good day). After school, go to Johnny Cash Tribute Concert at House of Blues with Mike. Boogie down with the best of the rednecks and urban-billies. Make tacos @ midnight. Eat tacos and have nostalgic conversation with Mike. 1am– 2am: Drunkenly spackle living room in preparation for painting. Sleep.

Saturday 4/13: sand, wipe down, prime & paint living room walls & ceiling with Mike & his parents from 10am-8:30 non stop….literally, 2 people were always painting. We all thought we’d finish the entire job in 6 hours or so… DID NOT HAPPEN.

Sunday 4/14: Paint from noon- 6:45. Still not finished painting. Went to our lovely friends, Courtney & Mark’s house for dinner & Mad Men.

Monday 4/15: We still had to do a 2nd coat of paint on one side of the living room as well as taping and painting all trim & patching up areas of the ceiling that looked bad. We didn’t do any of it. We grilled out, took Denver to the dog park, and watched The Office.

Tuesday 4/16: 4:30-10:30 Edged and painted 2nd coat on other half of room, taped around trim on other half of room, painted 1st coat of trim.

About 66 man-hours have gone into this job and we STILL have to tape and trim the other half of the room and do 2nd & possibly 3rd coats of the trim! I have a feeling that will take another few hours tonight… and then hopefully tomorrow we can FINALLY move our furniture out of the dining room and back into the living room. I cannot tell you how cramped and sloppy our house is right now! There is not one room that is relaxing to be in.

Although it’s been a pain living amongst such chaos, the room does look SO much better already… I’ll post pictures at the end of the week.

I have pictures from Cash & obviously some of Denver too that I’ll be sharing, but I haven’t had a moment to load them, so hopefully tomorrow night!

Okay, so my want this Wednesday is to finish painting the living room once and for all so I can have my sanity back! Send us good, productive vibes tonight!

Until next time.

What do YOU want? (Seriously, I’d love to hear your thoughts!)



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