Oh, We’ll Just Slap Some Paint On It

 This is a very overrated and overused comment. And by very overrated I mean totally, completely, and utterly overrated. Paint solves many a problem in our homes, true. But it is not something you just slap on, people.

It is NOT.

From 6:30- 11:30 tonight (Thursday) Mike and I traveled to Home Depot only to drop $300 on the items we needed in order to “slap that paint on the walls.” Currently we have really terrible, cheap paneling throughout most of our house. We’re not sure what’s underneath it, but based on the way that the previous homeowners took care of the place, we’re betting it’s ugly and not easy to remedy. Anyway, there are also awful drop-esque ceilings…not really drop ceilings, but textured squares that are glued to the ceiling. We plan to rip out the paneling and ceilings in the next 1-2 years, after we’ve finished some other major projects and hopefully have a home equity loan which will give us more money to make more improvements on our home. Hugging the foul ceilings and paneling in our house is 50 years of grime, nicotine, cobwebs, grease, and I’m sure many other mystery substances.

So, after we got back from Home Depot, we went to work. We pulled nails industrial steel screws and staples out of our walls for way too long.  Then we made a TSP solution I read about here, which is supposed to help with removing built up grime. Now, just like slapping paint on walls, this sounds so easy! “Simply wipe the solution onto the walls with a sponge and then wipe off with water!” Oy vey– nothing about this was easy! The stench of smoke and nicotine that was emitted from the walls was gag-worthy and there was so much gunk built up, it took us from 7:30- 11:30 just to wipe down our living room which is maybe 300 square feet (don’t quote me on that #– my spatial mind and math skills are not to be trusted). Not only did we have to wipe down the walls and molding/trim, but the ceiling as well. Since the TSP removes the grime and odors, it sort of attracts that nasty stuff to the surface you cover it with, so now our house smells like a whore house full of stale cigarettes….sorry for the tasteless comment, but it’s true.

See for yourself.

IMG_3328You can smell it just looking at this, right???

And this was after 10 solid minutes of scrubbing this section of wood with the TSP!!!! What color is the window even supposed to be– white? yellow? tan?

IMG_3322Above you can see the outline where the old homeowners had a poster displayed…and you can see the chunks of poster still STAPLED into the wall. Most areas in our home have lovely, charming features like this.


The splotchiness is not from my iPhone…it’s dirt. On the walls.

IMG_3323 Again, crappy lighting, shot with just my iPhone, but where you see light and dark areas…that’s from stains on the walls.IMG_3324

So, as you can see, we have our work cut out for us. Tomorrow we’ll spackle and sand everything and then Saturday is painting day. Yehaw.

I will most definitely have some After shots posted next week… and that goes for pictures of our current bedroom as well. I have to dig my camera out of one of the many boxes we have yet to unpack!

In other news, Mike and I are going to a Johnny Cash Tribute concert tomorrow night at the House of Blues so I am SUPER excited for that. If you haven’t already discovered, Mike and I are big Cash fans :).




And another plus– the concert is a fundraiser for Merrick House,a great little non-profit organization in our lovely little neighborhood of Tremont. I hope to take a few pictures this weekend of that experience…or at least of some experience I have that is more beautiful than the grimy pictures I bravely shared today!

Okay, it is SO time for bed. I’d love to write more, but a girl’s gotta sleep. Especially with a rowdy weekend of Johnny Cash, home improvement, and homework ahead of me.

Have a most lovely Friday everyone!

Until next time.



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