It’s Been A While

Hello! Sorry for the unintentional absence as of late! If you didn’t already know, Mike and I moved into our house last weekend! Things have been just a tad crazy around here.

Our place is the cutest, stinkiest lil fixer-upper you could ever imagine! When I say we have a LOT of work ahead of us, that’s an understatement. Every room in the house needs some kind of work– whether that means paint from ceiling to floor, plumbing solutions, or a total gut job. Even the exterior of the house will not escape our renovations unscathed. We’ve got it all in this hodge-podge we call home.

But I’ll tell ya, I LOVE it. It’s home. Can I describe to you how amazing it is not to walk Denver up and down 4 flights of stairs every time he needs to go to the bathroom? It’s AMAZING. Our house is a little bungalow/ranch so we just walk right outside now…easy as pie. Denver is all too aware of how easy it is actually… he’s a bit trigger-happy with his potty bell, ringing it as he pleases. I can’t blame him though– now he has windows that he can gaze through to see all of the action!


In fact, Denver gets so excited looking out the window that he’s elected to perch right on top of his crate!


Anyway, another reason I’ve been MIA from the blog is because in addition to moving, I started student-teaching again this week. This time around I’m with Upper Elementary students (9-12 year-olds) and I’ve got to admit– the math that they are doing is kind of scary! Finding square roots of numbers with over 3-digits, cube root, long division with double-digit divisors… this is all stuff I struggled with in school, and I still struggle with. The Montessori materials truly do help in making sense of everything, but as a trainee, I’m getting every single lesson that that we’d give to children over the course of 6 years in only 8 months! It’s more than I can actually absorb and process, so it’s scary diving in and giving lessons to these kids. I don’t want to mess ’em up!

So between student-teaching and moving and projects on the house, I’ve been a busy bee and clearly have been neglecting the blog! I haven’t been snapping nearly as many photos as usual, but here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to for the past week or so:

Taking walks through Lincoln Park (now it’s nearly across the street from us!)


Drinks and pizza at one of our favorite local spots.


Enjoying what we hope was the last spring snow and having some fun at the dog park (also a very short jaunt away now)





Much needed naps after playing in the snow. (Spoiler alert: Excuse Denver’s crotch shot, but I thought this sleeping pose was too silly not to share).


Grilling out in our driveway… yeah, pretty hillbilly of us, but it’ll be a while before we build a deck and we’ve never had our own grill before so this is our set up for a while!


Eating the best darn hot dogs EVER– Happy Dog. Mine has bacon-infused southern greens, habanero pickled red onions, everything-bagel cream cheese, bacon-balsamic marmelade, and a Dill pickle– all for $5.


More window-watching.


Assessing grimy rooms.


Like, really grimy.


*We have painted the room but I have’t taken pictures of it yet, so I’ll share them when I do.

Taking cuddle breaks from unpacking.


And going to the Tuesday Farmer’s Markets at Lincoln Park with my handsome boys.


And with that, I’m off to lesson plan and take my pooch outside (he’s ringing his darn bell AGAIN).

Until next time!



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