What Do You Want Wednesday?

Happy middle ‘o the week ladies and gents!

So, I am SO THRILLED that Mike & I are moving into our house this weekend… all of those weeks and months of wanting and wishing, finally answered! We’re going to go over to the new place and do some deep cleaning tonight and then start moving our stuff in. By Sunday, the new house will be home and we will be entirely moved out of our apartment.

The joy!

The ceiling in our bedroom at our apartment started leaking again last night and I hardly slept a wink because of the sporadic plop plopping of water near my head. This was an issue that took our property managers about 4 months to remedy and now, only a month after they patched the ceiling, we once again have a large bubble of water in our ceiling.

Mike and I actually burst out laughing when we heard the water drops because we finally get to leave!!!! No more waiting around for other people to take care of  us. We will finally be in control. Yehaw!


So now it’s another week and I have another want.

 I want to have adventures.

We can have all sorts of adventures in life– they come in many forms. We have adventures through travel, romance, new restaurants, horrible landlords, pets, friends, great books, arguments, new jobs, walks through the neighborhood…

When you think about it, everyday is an opportunity for an adventure.

It’s up to us, the kinds of adventures we take and how often we take them.

I want to make every day an adventure– sometimes that will be easy– those days when things are just going right and you have freedom to do the things you want to do. Other days will be harder– those days when nothing goes right and you have a million things to do and the list keeps growing.

Those are the days I will strive to look on as adventures.

Although I’m excited for this new house and new chapter in our lives, I am sure Mike & I are in for a rude awakening. There are bound to be surprises and issues waiting for us. We’ll be learning so many new things. And with all of that, I’m sure there will be times when we feel overwhelmed and shocked. So you’re hearing it now– I will try to look at the obstacles that I will inevitably face as opportunities for adventures.

Because now, when I look back on hard times and events that I’ve experienced, many of them appear poetic and perfect in retrospect. They have made my life what it is.


Funny story about fondly looking back on those tough times:

When Mike & I moved to Denver, we had to buy all of our furniture. We used Craigslist, mostly, and we didn’t have a truck or any friends for that matter, so we couldn’t borrow a truck from anyone. Anytime that we bought a piece of furniture, we’d have to drive to the Home Depot and rent one of their trucks by the hour. This gave us the added pressure of moving things as quickly as possible in order to pay as little as possible for the truck rental.

 Well, one day we brought home the most beautiful couch. It took about an hour and a half to move it out of the previous owner’s apartment so that should have told us that we might have a hard time getting it into our own place. To preface– if you don’t know me, I’m a petite girl– standing at 5 feet tall and weighing in at 100 lbs… so when Mike and I are moving furniture all by ourselves…well, let’s just say it’s a bit of a challenge.

So anyway, the couch. We unloaded it from the truck and walked it up the stairs and to the front door of our apartment. We opened the door and shimmied the front half of our couch through the front door. Phew, part of the couch was in the foyer! Well, there was another door just inside the foyer, which lead to the hallway and inside of the apartment building. This second door was positioned in such a way that it was not straight through from the first door. We opened the second door and tried twisting and maneuvering this lovely beige couch so that it would slide into that second door. Problem– there was this beautiful cherry wood frame on the bottom of the couch with 6 sleek, lovely legs poking outward adding some extra inches that made it nearly impossible to get through the door frame. We had been told by the previous couch owners that this frame was not removable so we just kept trying to force it through.

We removed the doors off of the hinges. We backed up and backed out and got stuck again.

PivotWe were stuck between those 2 door frames at the entrance of our building for 2.5 hours!

Finally, one of our new neighbors lent us a hand-saw which we used to saw off the back middle leg of the couch! We were then able to wiggle that baby into the hallway. After all was said and done, from the time we rented the truck from Home Depot, picked up the couch from the Craigslist people, and moved it into our apartment, we had struggled for 5.5 hours! Then we realized Home Depot was about to close and we had to speed off into the night and return the truck, which we paid a pretty rental fee for. So all in all, it was a 6 hour day full of curse words, sweat, tears, fear, anger, and delirious laughter.

This Friends episode paints a similar picture. Scroll up to 3:30 or so, that’s where it gets funny.

In those moments when we were struggling with the couch, we were both so stressed and angry, but now, two-and-a-half years later, we look back on that experience with misty eyes and full smiles.

The funniest part? When we moved out of that apartment, we discovered that the bottom frame of the couch does in fact screw off. But you know what? Because of that, moving out was so not the same adventure as moving in.

Anyway, my point is– life, with all of its ups and downs– is an adventure. We just need to look at it that way.


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