What Do You Want Wednesday?

It’s here again, my friends. It’s been one week since last Wednesday… how are those wants of yours?

Mine didn’t quite pan out.

We still have not closed on our house… when we did our walk-through, the care-takers/tenants who are living there currently… they had like 3x as much stuff in the house as when we initially saw the house and had the inspection!!! It was looking mighty cramped and lived-in and we were supposed to close the next day! The stove was broken also, and on top of that, there were certain papers that were not ready for us to sign. I’d say that it was a bust.

So now we are in this awkward waiting period. The papers are finally almost drawn up, but the stove is still broken and the sellers haven’t negotiated with us through this whole process, so I’d say it’s going to stay broken.

Also- our apartment is about a quarter of a mile from the house, so I stalk it a few times a day when I walk Denver, and let me tell you people, those darn tenants have not done a darn thing to move out of that place! All 5 feet of me are just bursting to march up to the front door and tell them a thing or two!

On another note…kind of… we did find new tenants for our apartment! So, I fulfilled half of last Wednesday’s wants.

The trouble is that the new tenants signed the lease to begin April 5, so Mike and I need to move out by March 31. And Mike is leaving for a Bro Ski Trip in Tahoe March 21 at 6am and will not return until the night of March 26.

This means that if we do not close on the house tomorrow, we will have 5 days to close and move out of our apartment and into the house… and if we don’t close in those 5 days, we will be homeless.

Or at least moving in with our parents until we do close.

If we ever close.

People say that buying a house is one of the most stressful things you’ll experience and I never believed them.

Now I do.

I’m not wanting for ANYTHING this Wednesday.

I’m just gonna float along and welcome this Friday with open arms.

Just taking it






Sometimes, that’s all you can do.

And until Mike and I know where home is again…

It will be Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, ladies and gents.


Because truly, home is wherever I’m with Mike.

He might drive me bananas sometimes, but I know that the only reason I’m not pulling hair out, screaming, or crying with a snotty-nosed face, is this: No matter what, I have home by my side, holding my hand, cracking sometimes mean and sometimes self-pitying jokes, laughing at the stupor of it all and drinking too many Old Fashioneds while watching too many episodes of Mad Men in order to get through it with a smile.

Until next time.

What do YOU want??



3 thoughts on “What Do You Want Wednesday?

  1. LOVE this Wednesday series Steph!
    Such a beautiful intention to set for the week. Sorry to hear about the house not going as planned, but then again life doesn’t ever seem to go “as planned.” Feels as though you are in the right mind-set though, of just going with it. I have a feeling that things will turn around this week. It is the first week of Spring after all, which means new beginnings are blooming 🙂
    I think I’m going to start following along with this one and put out my own intention out there for Wednesday/week.
    I want to start carving out a distinct work schedule and routine, or at least start to lay the groundwork.
    I’m working from home now and it’s much harder than I first anticipated to structure my day.
    Thinking of you always- and stalking the pictures of your puppy daily.


    • Mere!

      Thank you so much for the love and support :o). Glad to have some positive feedback about Wednesday posts… you never know what other people think! I’m really enjoying doing the whole blog– I feel like there’s still so much to learn! I can’t wait until I’m done with school and have more time on my hands to figure it all out.

      If I worked from home I’m certain I’d face the same challenge that you’re talking about– good luck!!! Denver & stalk all of your saucy pictures as well ❤


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