A Simple, Lovely Life, As Told By A Dog

So, in my last post, I promised pictures of Denver playing at the park with Mike’s parents dogs, Chester & Cody.

Let me tell you, those 3 boys had the time of their lives.

There was nothing fancy, nothing store-bought, nothing contrived or calculated– there was just nature and pups (and a camera…phone. Camera-phone).

Dogs are pretty darn amazing. Their capacity for uninhibited, full-blown joy is nothing short of beautiful.

Dogs can teach us a lot.


They don’t need much.


Just a place to run.




A buddy to talk to.


A few people they can trust.


A little relief.


Maybe a friend to beckon them to try new things.


Perhaps someone to stand by them when they’re unsure or frightened.



Someone to smile and laugh with them when they take a leap of faith.


The ability to walk away when it get’s overwhelming.


And a safe place to rest their bones.


And when you think about it, do we really need much more than that either?


Some space.

A friend to talk to and trust.

Someone to challenge us to try something new… to inspire us to bound off into the unknown.

The knowledge and security that we can always bound back into familiar territory if we need to .

Some place peaceful to retreat to after all is said and done.


When I break it down, or look closely enough, it’s enough to make me bashful and even a bit guilty. I have everything on that list… and that list, I believe, offers enough to keep a simple, lovely life. So why do I always want more? Why is it never enough? Even when I know that these qualities and circumstances are enough for a lovely life, why am I not satisfied with having them? And is it bad to not be satisfied with them?

I don’t know.

But while I try to figure it out, it sure is nice looking at life through a dog’s wise, crazed, and knowing eyes.

Nice, lovely, simple, and exciting.

I don’t know about you, but I can use a bit of that every now and then.

Until next time.



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