To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Crêpe


Last Saturday morning, we awoke to Denver’s big puppy eyes and wagging tail. Mike and I hopped crawled out of bed with puffy eyes, matted hair, and morning breath. Lovely, right? After we let Denver out, we puttered around our apartment wondering what to do for breakfast when I suddenly realized that we could go to Cleveland’s beloved West Side Market and get CRÊPES!

A benefit to a puppy? You get up early enough to get outside and do cool things!


buying some Mahi-Mahi for dinner

buying some Mahi-Mahi for dinner


After some exploring, it was off to the Crêpe Stand!


We waited in line for about 30 minutes, but it was well worth it.

I got the Citron Creme Crêpe which is filled with a creamy lemon curd and lush honey mascarpone.


Mike, being the classic man that he is, got the Classic Crêpe– banana, Nutella, and powdered sugar.

Also YUM.

Well worth the wait.


Annnd, don’t mind my still-puffy-squinty face and ratty hair– once we decided we were getting crêpes we basically flew out of our apartment at lightning speed– no time for primping.



As we gobbled our crepes we saw a bunch of dogs clustered together on West 25th Street.


Turns out there’s this retired K9 trainer who holds training and city desensitization classes for dogs and puppies every Saturday morning at no charge. So cool.

We’re thinking of taking Denver this weekend.

After that, we headed into the market to buy some dinner fixins.





Once we were finished at the Market, we went to Mike’s parents house and picked up his brother and his family’s 2 labs and headed to the park to enjoy some sunny weather (pictures to come).

We finished off the evening by watching a movie, drinking wine, and eating kettle corn at a friend’s house down the street. It was a great Saturday filled with simple luxuries– and that’s the stuff that life is made of.

Until next time!




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