Happy Hump Day! It’s What Do You Want Wednesday?

Is it really Wednesday? Because if it is that means a few things–

1.) Mike and I have the walk-through for our new house …that we are BUYING (I don’t think I’ve mentioned that on the blog yet– I’m a little superstitious and didn’t want to put it out there until it was pretty much a done deal– we’ve hit a few bumps with it, but it’s looking good from here on out!).

2.) Tomorrow, assuming our walk-through goes well, we will sign a bunch of papers and become HOMEOWNERS!

Holy Wowzers! Big week, this week.

We are also in the process of trying to get new tenants to sign a lease on our current apartment. Things are moving along and I know everything will work out, but this in between time where we are trying to work it all out? It’s tough! We’ve just got a lot on our plates with work and school and buying this house and getting our apartment rented out! It’s enough to make my little head spin.

So, here’s what I want this Wednesday ya’ll:

I want all of this to be sorted and done by next Wednesday! That means the house is in our name and is cleaned out and ready for us to move in aaaaand, new tenants for our apartment unit. Whaddya think? Will it happen?? Fingers crossed for us, people! Fingers crossed!

That’s all. No rambling about other wants or happenings. Just the house and the apartment. I just want those things to pan out nicely by next week. No more home stress. My nerves can’t take it!

Until things pan out, I will be anxiety-ridden and this will be my life:


I’ll report back as soon as I have news!

Until next time.

What do you want?



3 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day! It’s What Do You Want Wednesday?

  1. I want for you to get these two gigundous steps over with so you can get some sleep!!!
    And I want to finish the current iteration of my poetry manuscript by next Wednesday so I can begin the next arduous step of sending it out to several presses that have 3/31/13 deadlines.
    Wow! That was scary good fun–Thanks, Steph!

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