Last Sunday I went over to my mom’s for a little 9 hour study break. We hadn’t seen each other for about a month, so we were due for some bonding time. My mom’s house is on Lake Erie, and though I trek over there to see her, I must admit– being able to walk down to the beach is an added perk!

Even when it’s iced over and fuhh-reeeeeezing!


And look at the little Cle skyline back there! Is it just me, or are there beams of light shining down on the city??


No, this is not the arctic. It’s Cleveland.


But the cold doesn’t stop me from having some fun.


And it means I get to wear my favorite boots!


There’s water somewhere under there!


Mother Nature has her ways of reminding us how small we truly are, compared to the universe.


Yeah, I froze my rump off so that I could show off my Wednesday Want sweater. Go ahead and judge.


 I don’t know, but I’d say that this lovely image was worth the pain of the bitter lake-effect wind whipping through my core.



Though it was cold, it was incredible to look out over the vast expanse of ice and snow that was glazed over our Great Lake.

After our chilly photo shoot, my mom and I headed inside and thawed out in the sauna. Yep. My mom and stepdad have a wee, little sauna in their house. They ordered it and it was delivered in a package. Sort of Ikea-style I guess. The world these days, huh? Anyway, it was grand. GRAND!

Then we made some burritos and talked and talked and talked. I kept saying I was going to leave in 20 minutes and I kept not leaving. There just seemed to be so much to say! You ever have those days? Those days are the best. Those days leave you feeling warmer than any sauna.

If you’re in Cleveland, it’s supposed to be another cold weekend– how are you planning to stay warm?

Until next time!



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