Belgian Chocolate & Raspberries? Don’t Mind If I Do.


In case you didn’t know- tis the season for porters and stouts.

It’s that time of year. When it comes to beer, an IPA usually does the trick for me. But not as of late.

Porters and stouts are where it’s at. That hint of coffee and chocolate topped with a creamy froth is something you just can’t say no to on a cold, CLE winter’s night.

Thursday night, Mike suggested an impromptu date at Great Lakes Brewery. It’s one of the places that I coveted while living in Denver, but we hadn’t actually been to the Brewery since we moved back.

After the 3 minute drive to Ohio City, we quickly found parking (gotta love Cleveland) and walked on over to West 25th & Market.




There, glory awaited us.


Though there were many delicious choices, when I saw the words porter, chocolate, and raspberries in the same sentence,  I decided to go with the Alberta Clipper. It made me smile. Just the thing I needed to take off that (biting) edge we like to call winter.

It was the perfect way to end the week– we sat down in their basement pub, which was super cozy with lots of original stone and welcoming wooden booths.


 I don’t know if it was the beer or the warm atmosphere or being back in Great Lakes, but Mike and I both felt so inspired about Cleveland and the opportunities that are here. It’s a place where you see so much potential, yet so much work to be done. It’s energizing, exhausting, and invigorating to think about. We spent the better part of 2 hours feverishly discussing the dreams that we have for ourselves here. We are so glad that we are back in our homeland, and  we feel excited about what our future holds.

And we feel really excited about the Alberta Clipper too.


Until next time, folks.



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