Brite Winter


Over the weekend, we went to Brite Winter in Ohio City, which I mentioned in this post. Well folks, it was awesome.

So cold. So snowy. So joyful. So much energy. So Cleveland.

There was a street blocked off where we ate dinner from different food trucks– I got a Korean burrito. Delish. My shoes think so too– I have a knack for being a messy eater and dripping all over anything that stands in my way. Ask my friend, Jeremy.

We stood around bonfires drinking local brews and soaking up the precious smell of burning wood.



When it got so cold that our toes could barely stand it (pun intended), we watched a boot-stompin good show by the one and only, Honeybucket.

Here they are before the show started–our friend Brendan is the smiley one in the middle.


After we Bucketheads warmed up, we went back out and braved the cold until the festival ended.

It was cool seeing so many people of all different ages, gathered around in the brutal Cleveland winter–  dancing, clapping, and laughing, claiming their right to be outside in the bitter, lake-front cold!

I love the toughness that it takes to be a Clevelander.

Because the dizzying strength it takes…


… makes you really appreciate the bits and scraps of magic that twinkle and glow all around.

Until next time.


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