Well, lucky me– it’s a snow day!

Nothing better than waking up to a phone call from a friend telling you to stay in bed. I got up anyway to give Mike a big hug. He gave me the finger and a death glare. Then I scooped up Denver’s little warm bod and took him to bed with me. I didn’t end up falling back to sleep because I was so happy about school being cancelled, but it was pretty awesome laying in bed for another hour with my pup, staring out the window at the falling snow.


After I got out of bed, I made some tea and cozied up with my computer to browse Pinterest. I began looking at photos from different parts of the world and started to imagine myself in Norway.

Daydreams of getting lost on quaint, rustic streets took over.


Driving through small villages.


Bike riding.


Boating through town (No, I don’t how to boat. And yes, I get motion sick).




When we can’t actually go to the places we want to, it’s nice to have the power to imagine. Sure, it’s not the same as actually taking in the scents of a place, or feeling the air of adventure, but it does still provide that sense of mystery and hope that comes with traveling and exploring.

The ability to dream and to imagine makes life so much more rich. It transports us to places we long to go, places that don’t exist, and to times that are behind us. Imagination gives us the opportunity to relive old conversations, visit with loved ones who are no longer here, and to see monumental moments that have gotten away from us.

The other beautiful thing about our dreams?

They can be as idealistic and perfect as we want them to be. In that way, they are a nice change of pace from the real thing. We can picture something,create something, as we want it.

Life is never that way. No matter how much we’d like to think so, we do not get to decide how experiences happen and how life unfolds. Sure, we have some say in it– we can choose our attitudes and outlooks in order to make an experience more positive or negative. We can plan and book a trip somewhere. We can choose to marry a person or to adopt a pet. In these ways, and many others, we do decide parts of our lives.

But for those times when we don’t have a choice in the reality of life, at least we have the choice to dream.

And that’s kinda nice.

Until next time.



5 thoughts on “Daydreaming

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  2. I was browsing rbc website, saw that you have a BLOG! I loved this entry! Daydreaming is so important in restoring balance beauty and meaning to our lives – as Sammi already realizes 😉 You have such an endearing way of expressing yourself, delightful to read and view.

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