Why Denver loves President’s Day


So, right before Mike left for work on Monday morning, he slipped this little furball into bed with me. And the furball slept until 10:30!

I was under the impression that puppies wake you up every few hours through the night with their whimpers and then wake up super early to go outside. Not this puppy. Since his second night with us, he’s slept through the night, at least a solid 8 hours, without a peep. And now that he’s a little bit older, he’s content to sleep even more than that! He’s my perfect dog. Heaven sent.

On that fateful day when he chose Mike and I to be his people and we chose him to be our pup, he must’ve known that his momma is NOT a morning person.

And Denver must not be a morning pup because he didn’t even want to get up when I started stirring. He kept yawning his squeaky, squealy yawn and curling up even closer to me. Eventually, he opened his eyes enough to let me take these pictures.

                       IMG_3109     IMG_3108


This pup was made for cuddling.


So maybe that’s why I love President’s Day too. Selfish? Maybe. But c’mon people, look at this guy.


Just a sweet bundle of love.

Until next time.


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