My Favorite Day


Don’t you love it when you wake up and feel that way? Just happy to have today? I’m having one of those days– just feeling extra grateful for the sun and the snow and the ones I love.

Mike and I went to breakfast at BonBon–a superb little spot in Ohio City.


There are great big windows that let natural light just tumble in on your table, joining you for your meal.


And cute little plants in mason jars.


And cinnamon donut hole pastries with mascarpone, marmalade, and chocolate sauce for dipping.


And chocolate croissants.


And Breakfast Nachos.


And handsome boyfriends.


And chuckles.


All for a very humble Cleveland price of $20.


I love this town.

And I love this day.

We are now off to the park with Denver and then tonight we’ll be whooping it up, celebrating life at the Brite Winter Festival with some friends. Our awesome friend, Brendan, is in a fantastic local New Grass band, Honeybucket, and they’ll be playing at The Cleveland Hostel at 8pm tonight!

You can check out Honeybucket’s Facebook page here if you want to keep up with their shows and happenings and you can listen to some of their songs here.

I’ll leave you all with that.  I’m going to go out and enjoy my favorite day– today.  If you’d like, I encourage you to go ahead and do the same.

Until next time.


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