Happy Valentine’s Day: Here’s Someone to Love

Madeleine Peyroux.

Madeleine Peyroux

She’s a French American Jazz singer/songwriter/guitarist.  Her voice is like smooth honey, melted into a steaming hot mug of perfectly aged whiskey. Just delicious.

Listening to her music makes you feel like you should be immersed in a bubble bath sipping a glass of wine or wandering down a rainy cobblestone street with a bright red umbrella in hand.  It transports you to a serene, ethereal, romantic place– each time I go there, I never want to leave!

Not only is Madeleine’s music lovely, but it seems like her soul is too. Read this interview— she seems like such a grounded, intelligent, real person.  Someone you feel like you could sit in a coffee shop with and talk for hours.


So do yourselves a favor this Valentine’s Day and treat yourself to the luxurious croons of this beautiful and talented lady.

Here’s a few songs to get you falling in love:

1.) Getting Some Fun Out of Life

2.)Half the Perfect World

3.) The Summer Wind

4.) La Javanaise


She also has a new album coming out in March, so keep your eyes open for that! And then buy me a copy!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. And if you don’t like to celebrate this Hallmark holiday, then celebrate yourself, love yourself, and obviously, love Madeleine Peyroux.

And buy some chocolate.

Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day: Here’s Someone to Love

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  2. I downloaded one of her songs for free on iTunes some time ago (don’t have a clue when, haha) and was surprised that I actually liked the free track. I dig that you’ve featured her here–she’s awesome. (:

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