Cupcakes and Peace: What Do You Want Wednesday?

            Well, for starters, I want one of these guys, right here. Seriously, if you have never tried A Cookie and A Cupcake, you are missing a whole other dimension of life. This place is one of the many gems of Tremont. I have no shame in admitting that Mike and I are pretty much weekly customers—sometimes we’ll even wander over twice in a week.  Going to this little cupcake shop is like a religious experience. You’re first greeted by a darling little brown awning dancing with pink polka dots. Then comes my favorite—the waft of buttery, fresh-baked air that hits you when you walk through the door.  I kid you not, that aroma—it makes even my nostrils smile.  Finally, staring at you from behind glass are the most beautiful, heavenly cupcakes you’ve ever seen, all dressed in various shades and flavors of butter cream frosting. This place has every flavor from classic vanilla to special varieties like Maple Bacon.  No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.  They are all mouth-wateringly DIVINE.  Anyway, I took some initiative and I am getting what I want. I placed a special order for their Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake today and I will be picking it up promptly at 2pm tomorrow. I cannot wait to try it.  I’m already drooling.

            The other thing I want— peace.

The most peaceful place I've ever been. I can't remember the name of this hike, but it was the first one Mike and I ever took in Colorado.

The most peaceful place I’ve ever been. I can’t remember the name of this hike, but it was the first one Mike and I ever took in Colorado.

Sometimes life is so hectic, we bite off more than we can chew—agree to do things we don’t truly have the time or energy for.  Often, we do this because we want to.  We want to have it all.  And the new experiences, different restaurants, and coffee dates with friends all enhance our lives in some way.  But if we’re not careful they can take a toll.

            I believe in filling my life with the laughter of my friends, the support of my family, and the delicious food and drink that Cleveland offers, BUT I also believe in scheduling time for peace.  Sometimes I have to find just a little morsel of peace that is buried somewhere on my full plate, and that’s just fine.  But other times, like this week, I need to clear my plate and create some real, true, peaceful peace. I’m talking peace so quiet that it becomes boring.  And so, now that I’m on a roll with getting what I want this Wednesday and this week (I mean I’m going to have my cake…err…cupcake and eat it too), I am determined to get what I want and make some time for peace. I think that will start with an extra-large cup of hot tea tomorrow morning.

And The Eagles.

What do you want?

Until next time.



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