Happy Hump Day!



It’s not as glorious as Friday, but at least it’s not Monday.

You know that old saying– “There aren’t enough hours in a day”?

So gosh darn true. There just aren’t enough hours to do all of the things I want to do, to the capacity that I want to do them. I want to be the best student I can be and stay 100% focused during my lectures and stay  on top of all of my homework, never having to play catch up. I want my apartment to be tidy, clean, and serene so that it is always a restful place to awake to in the morning and retreat to at night. I want to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. I want to pay these bills and send those cards out.  I want to shower Denver with all of the attention and love that he wants and deserves. I want to make a dentist appointment. I want to invest myself in figuring out this whole blog thing and dive in head first. I want to learn how to use the beautiful DSLR camera Mike got me a year ago (you can read more about him here.)! I want to reconnect with old friends and establish relationships with new ones. I want to see my parents and grandparents more. I want to do all of these things and so much more and I also want time to just relax and feel nothing breathing down my neck! The list goes on and on and on!!!

It can be hard to prioritize what we want.  Sometimes what we want to do is not what we need to do. I’ve always been a supporter of living in the moment and doing what I truly want in that moment. I don’t mean be flighty and forget your responsibilities, but more so, factor in some time to take care of the necessary responsibilities that you have, and then embrace the present and celebrate the time that you have NOW. Someone might say this is just a fluffed up way of saying I’m a procrastinator.  And I suppose that’s a true statement. I do have a knack for delaying the inevitable. But in doing so, those tasks that I’m delaying eventually become something that I kind of want to do. Because if I don’t do them, I know I’m going to be in trouble!

Perhaps I’m thinking through this and explaining myself so much because I know that I should be doing homework right now, and instead I’m here, writing on this blog. But so what if that’s the case? You know something? In the 10 minutes that have passed since I started writing this, I’ve begun to feel a little bit better about what I’ve accomplished in the 17 hours I’ve been awake today. Because I carved out some time for myself and did something that I wanted to do.

My intention with this post started out as a little nod to the fact that we’re almost half way through the work week. But now, I think what I want to nod to is the fact that work week or weekend, it’s all part of the week and part of life. And in life there are things we don’t want to do, things we like to do, things we don’t care about, things we love to do, things we have do, and everything in between.  The important thing is that we find some kind of a balance… a way to take care of all parts of our lives and our selves. Some days that means all you might do is work. Other days all you might do is play. Some days are a fine dance between both. And one thing to remember? A dance is never perfect– it’s an expression, an interpretation. However we choose to dance is up to us. We’ll all move through life in different ways, at different speeds, and none of us will ever have enough hours in the day. But we can always try our darndest to make those hours count for us.

And so to wrap this up, I’m thinking I might try to make a theme of this post. Not the lengthy ramble, but more along the lines of exploring what I want, perhaps even what you want. “What do you want Wednesdays?”. I’m thinking this might be a good way for me to stay on track with what I want in life– things big and small. Sometimes it could be as simple as “I want to get outside and take a walk today.”  Sometimes it might be bigger– “I want to take a step towards learning about my camera today. I will sign up for a class!” That kind of thing. Just an idea right now. We’ll see about it. Until next time, have a happy hump day.




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